HVAC Inspection It is very important to ensure that your cooling, heating, electrical, and plumbing systems are inspected yearly. This helps to prevent unexpected breakdowns and ensure that the systems are operating at peak efficiency levels. While you can conduct a minor inspection during your home maintenance tasks, it is prudent to hire a professional for a full inspection. The extreme weather conditions of Lake Geneva, WI area during summer and winter necessitate ensuring that your HAVC system is working optimally. Our technicians at Dignified Cooling & Heating are experienced and knowledgeable about the workings of modern HVAC units. Here is a guide on what to expect when you schedule a full AC inspection with our services.

A full AC inspection and tune-up should include an examination and testing of every part of the unit. The HVAC technician should clean all parts that have contaminant or dirt buildup. Dignified Cooling & Heating technicians will complete a thorough inspection of every tune-up and detail all maintenance and repairs they perform. Our professionals always clean, check, and test the following areas or parts:

  • Amperage Draw on Elements
  • Capacitors
  • Electrical Wiring and Insulation
  • Rise and Drop of Temperature
  • Defrosting Controls
  • Reversing Valves
  • Are More

The major benefits of routine AC inspection include:

Boost Functionality and Efficiency

Your HVAC has different moving parts that can be put under a lot of stress during the summer months when temperatures hit the peak or during the cold winter months that come with snowfall. Getting your AC inspected to ensure that it is working optimally during summer and sometimes spring and fall is the only sure way of ensuring that it is working in top shape. In other words, regular inspections and maintenance boost the performance and efficiency of your unit and increases its lifespan remarkably. With an efficient AC unit, you can save hundreds of dollars yearly in energy costs.

Address Allergies and Ailments

When mold and dust accumulate in your AC air ducts and vents, they can cause allergies and ailments. Our technicians will explore your ductwork during the inspection to determine areas that require cleaning. The AC inspection team will ensure that all parts are strong enough to allow washing and air duct cleaning. You can rest assured that our experts will identify any irritants in your home and care for them without harming your property.

If you think your energy bills are too high or your AC unit is not working optimally, contact Dignified Cooling & Heating for a thorough AC inspection and credible recommendations. The best part of our Home Maintenance Plan is that we are dedicated to taking the burden off your shoulders. It pays to have a plan for your home’s HAVC system.

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