Furnace Problems in Lake Geneva

Furnaces are more reliable than ever, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t develop problems. There are a few common furnace problems to be aware of. You can do some troubleshooting to see if it’s a problem you can solve or if you should call an HVAC company.

Keeps Turning On and Off

When your furnace heats your home, it will cycle on and off. It’s when it short cycles that there’s a problem. Your furnace will only turn on for a few minutes before shutting off again when it short cycles.

This problem is usually caused by a lack of airflow. Make sure the air filter isn’t clogged. If it is, replace it. If this fix doesn’t solve the problem, you’ll need a technician to look at your furnace.

Seems Extra Noisy

An unusually noisy furnace is a sign of a mechanical problem. If you hear a rattling noise, something has likely come loose. A clanking noise probably means the blower wheel has come loose. When you hear odd sounds coming from your furnace, call an HVAC company.

Dignified Heating & Cooling in Lake Geneva, WI, can help you with odd sounds and other furnace problems. We only use high-quality parts when making a repair.

Leaking Water

High-efficiency furnaces can develop condensation leaks. When this happens, you’ll see a pool of water around your furnace. It’s likely a condensation pipe has become clogged. Your best option is to call an HVAC company.

Running Constantly

If your blower is running even when your furnace isn’t producing heat, check your thermostat. If it’s set to ON, your blower will run constantly. Set your thermostat to AUTO, so the blower will only be on when the furnace is on.

The team at Dignified Heating & Cooling repairs, replaces, and tunes up furnaces, heat pumps, and air conditioners. We can also help you with indoor air quality, ductless systems, hybrid heat, boilers, and hydronic. Get in touch today to schedule an appointment.

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