The Importance of AC Maintenance

Every machine in existence is destined for the same end, and mechanical failure of some sort is inevitable. Thankfully, almost any air conditioning unit manufactured in the past decade will last for many years to come. But that doesn’t mean your AC unit will work perfectly for the duration of its lifespan. Particularly in the later summer months in the Lake Geneva area, an AC unit is almost certain to experience hundreds of hours of heavy usage. Sustained output of that sort is enough to test even the best cooling systems modern manufacturing technology.

As an AC repair job can prove exceedingly costly, depending upon the damage in question, detecting problems before than can cascade into outright catastrophes is always preferable. After all, the worst malfunction is the one you could easily have prevented. Inspect your system’s exterior regularly and check your thermostat periodically. If something major is amiss, it will likely be apparent, even to the untrained eye. And remember—if anything sounds a bit out of place (clanking, tapping, screeching), consult with a knowledgeable technician immediately. Most HVAC malfunctions are preceded by warning signs which, if acknowledged, will allow you to fix a problem now before it gets very expensive down the road.

The highly skilled and famously professional HVAC technicians employed with Dignified Heating & Cooling are more than capable of providing top-notch AC maintenance and expert consultation. Service of that sort is recommended on a bi-annual basis, or as needed. Ideally, one of these two air conditioning service calls will take place immediately prior to the heavy usage season. When your AC unit enters the summer days in good condition, it will be far less prone to breaking down when it is most needed. A savvy and experienced HVAC expert will know best how to ready your air conditioning unit for extended stretches of high-temp operation. Call us today and you’ll see why we’re viewed as the #1 HVAC company in the Lake Geneva area!