If you plan to replace your air conditioner and you want to reduce your cooling costs, it is important to understand what a SEER rating is. It can be the key to greater savings on your home’s cooling bills.

What Is a SEER Rating?

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) is a rating that is used to determine how energy-efficient your air conditioner. When comparing various cooling units, you will see the SEER rating displayed on their affixed yellow EnergyGuide labels, just as you would see an AFUE rating on a furnace’s label. A SEER rating is calculated using two numbers. The first is the unit’s cooling output measured in BTUs when operating on a typically hot day. The second is the total electricity required to power the unit under the same conditions. The SEER is the ratio of cooling in BTUs to the energy consumed in watt-hours.

What SEER Number Should You Look For?

When it comes to SEER numbers, air conditioners, and heat pumps with higher numbers are more energy-efficient than those with lower numbers. Requirements by the federal government set the lowest allowable SEER number at 13. Some high-efficiency units have been given a 26 SEER provided they are installed in an optimal environment. Purchasing such a system is one of the best ways to improve energy usage in your home.

As you might expect, you will likely pay more for an air conditioner that has a higher SEER rating. In fact, a unit with a higher SEER rating could cost 20% more than a less efficient one, but you shouldn’t let the cost scare you out of buying a more energy-efficient cooling system.

It is a wise investment to purchase a unit with a higher SEER, and you will start realizing a return on that investment immediately. Your cooling costs could be reduced between 35% and 50%. In the long run, you’ll actually end up paying more for a unit with a lower SEER rating.

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