Researchers are always looking at ways to better heat and cool homes. While some advances are still on the drawing board, there is some very promising technology that will soon become available.

Dual-Fuel Heat Pumps

An American company created a heat pump that uses gas and electricity to heat and cool a home. When it’s below freezing outside, the heat pump uses gas. It switches to electricity when temperatures are warmer. This is more energy-efficient than a heat pump that uses just one energy source.

Thermally Driven Air Conditioning

A company in Australia created an air conditioning unit that uses solar energy and gas to cool your home. It’s far more efficient than conventional electric-powered air conditioners. Their air conditioning unit has the additional advantage that it’s also less expensive than conventional ones.

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Smart Homes

Appliances and devices are getting smarter in recent years. One way smart devices can help you is by allowing you complete control over your home’s comfort. Smart technology is simple to use as artificial intelligence handles all the details.

Zoning Systems

It’s now possible to have different temperature zones in your home, so everyone is comfortable. These systems use dampers in ductwork that are controlled by individual thermostats. Another way you can achieve this is by having ductless mini-splits.

Ice-Powered Air Conditioner

An American company, Ice Energy, invented an air conditioner that uses ice to cool a home. It freezes a container of water at night and uses the resulting ice to provide cool air the next day. The ice can cool a home for up to six hours, after which the unit uses electricity.

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