You may have noticed that you are suffering from a heating electrical bill that is much higher than you expected. Your heating and cooling systems are having to work much harder than they should, and maybe you don’t know why. It’s possible you have an air leak in your home.

How Can a Home Leak Air?

When your house isn’t sealed, nice warm air from inside leaks to the outside, and the frigid air from without comes in. Your heater can’t keep up with the cold air.

Finding Those Leaks

Typically, the recommended route is to hire professional services for an energy audit. Otherwise, you may find that your overtaxed system will break down and need professional repairs. With Dignified Heating & Cooling, you can also get help to improve your air quality. We work out of Lake Geneva, where air quality is a constant concern. Another option is looking for leaks on your own.

How to Look

Look for cracks along the outside and inside of your home. Outside, look especially along corners and chimneys. Inside, inspect vents, ducts, baseboards and door, and window frames. If you can’t see any cracks, there are other ways you can check for leaks. Hold up a piece of thin paper or a lit match around closed doors and windows. If it is blowing around, you have a leak. You can also shine lights around edging and seals when it is dark. If light shines through, then air can come in too.

When the Damage Is Done

While the aforementioned advice can help you find leaks to fix, it can’t fix a system that has broken due to strain. That’s why you should turn to our professional services. Here at Dignified Heating & Cooling, we provide services for installing, repairing and maintaining your heating and air conditioning systems. We also offer hydronic boiler system installation and air quality improvement services. Give us a call today for more information about what we have to offer you.

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