When staying at home, you always should try to make sure that your house temperature is well regulated, especially in a place where the temperature fluctuates quite regularly. With Lake Geneva’s frigid winters, you need to get yourself suitable heating equipment, if you do not have one already. Furnace filters are designed to remove contaminants as well as allergens from the air.

When should I replace my filter?

Furnace filters ideally should be replaced after every 90 days. Some, however, are recyclable since they are washable. When you get the permanent reusable filters (washable furnace filters),  your furnace could get five years of service, with proper cleaning still being maintained at every 90 days.

How to replace the furnace filter.

When replacing the furnace filter, ensure the furnace is switched off to prevent the furnace from kicking. Permanent reusable filters just require vacuuming and a quick wash with water. It should be allowed to dry up completely before returning it to its workstation.

When replacing filters, however, care should be taken that the disposable kind is properly gotten rid of while the recyclable ones cleaned properly. This is to avoid a situation where the irritants and contaminants become airborne again. The old filter should be placed in a plastic bag with a sealed end (taping or tying up the end).

In case you are not confident about changing the furnace filter yourself, you could call an HVAC professional for assistance. Dignified Heating and Cooling offers general maintenance and repair and furnace replacement for you, among other services.

Other services you may need that we offer at Dignified Heating and Cooling include:

  • Indoor quality air
  • Heat pump service
  • Air conditioning service
  • Seasonal tune-ups
  • Emergency service

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