Improving home energy efficiency reduces energy costs, increases comfort, reduces pollution and helps conserve natural resources. Here is a list of items you should inspect and some ways to reduce energy losses:

Doors and Windows: Seal air leaks around windows and doors. Check weather-strips and caulking around windows. Add blinds, awning, or solar screens, or window tints, or plant trees near windows for shade.

Utility Line Entry Points: Seal all access points for cables, vents, and plumbing pipes.

Ductwork: Install mechanical fasteners to reconnect runs of disconnected ductwork. Apply mastic sealant to close gaps. Insulating areas of ductwork, as necessary to prevent radiant heat loss.

Appliances: Replace fixtures and appliances with energy-saving models that use less energy and emit less radiant heat.

HVAC: Replace dirty filters and straighten bent coil fins. Clean condenser coils and condensate lines. Have periodic inspections by your HVAC technician to test refrigerant levels, air flow, electrical functions and air tightness. Minor adjustments and repairs can save you from much larger repairs or replacements.

Ventilation: Open windows or doors, or add an attic fan to pull fresh air into your house. Install more vents in areas where needed. Install double-sashed windows.

Light Bulbs: Replace old-fashioned incandescent bulbs with more efficient compact fluorescent bulbs, to reduce electricity consumption by around 78%, and heat emissions by up to 75%

Emissions: Adjust your gas stove to reduce emissions of pollutants. Cutting emissions is more effective than adding ventilation to reduce costs.

Your HVAC system needs support from your entire house in order to provide optimum comfort and operate at the lowest possible cost. By controlling air access at points throughout your house, you can reduce your home heating and cooling bills and wear and tear on your HVAC system.

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