Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality can be more than three times more contaminated than outdoor air. Since most people spend more time indoors than outside, their daily environment can be uncomfortable and unhealthy. It’s advisable to keep air pollutants out of your home and ventilate your house to maintain good indoor air quality. Here are some natural ways you can improve indoor air quality throughout the year.

Groom Your Pets

There will be pet dander in your house if you have pets. Pet dander also triggers pet allergies. Therefore, ensure that you wash your furry friend regularly by brushing her outside to encourage clean indoor air. Remember to use a HEPA filter vacuum for cleaning your furniture and floors to get rid of pet fur and dander. You will undoubtedly breathe cleaner air indoors.

Avoid Smoking Indoors

Cigarettes are harmful, even to secondhand smokers. Therefore, never allow anyone to smoke inside your house since the effects will remain after your guest leaves. You can request the smoker to go outside to avoid indoor air contamination.

Use Low-VOC Paints

Paints emit traces of gases that can last several months after application even when the smell is gone. The gases are also known as volatile organic compounds, and they contain highly toxic chemicals. The chemicals contaminate indoor air and make your home uncomfortable. It’s advisable to naturally purify your indoor air by avoiding the use of paints with high levels of volatile organic compounds.

Ditch Toxic Cleaners

You can naturally purify your indoor air by avoiding cleaners containing toxic chemicals that irritate your throat, nose and eyes. If you have to use such cleaners, ensure that you open your windows for air circulation. The best solution would be to avoid toxic cleaners and use natural cleaners like baking soda, vinegar, a mixture of essential oils and lemon.

Remove Your Shoes

The dirt outside your house contains contaminants like pollen, feces, pesticides and bacteria. Therefore, it’s advisable to leave the contaminants outside by removing your shoes before stepping on the carpet. It will keep your floors and air cleaner.

Use these tips to purify the air within your house and avoid allergies. Lake Geneva’s residents can hire our qualified technicians for customized solutions on improving indoor air quality. We also specialize in heating and cooling services. Call Dignified Heating & Cooling today for more information on how to purify the air in your Lake Geneva home.

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