Furnace Problems in Lake Geneva

No one wants to waste money, but squandering it on unnecessary heating is especially painful. This winter, keep costs under control with these simple energy-saving tips. Our DIY- and budget-friendly suggestions will help you stay comfortable while cutting utility costs.

Seal Your Home

Don’t let warm air escape through gaps around windows and doors. Replace worn weather strips in doorways, and caulk gaps around window frames. Kits simplify applying plastic film to insulate windows inexpensively. Home improvement stores even offer decorative film products for a look that’s pleasing to the eye. Draft stoppers block cold air from entering below doors and windows. Buy them at home goods stores or online, or save even more money by making your own.

Maintain Your Heating System

Scheduled maintenance keeps your heating and cooling system in excellent working order. Not only will your house be more comfortable, but you’ll save money on repairs. HVAC technicians perform tune-ups, which involves cleaning your system, changing filters, checking settings, looking for damaged or worn parts, and ensuring that everything is running safely. Spotting potential issues early helps prevent bigger problems and costlier emergency repairs. Opting in to maintenance plans keeps your HVAC system humming along.

Make Small Changes

Even seemingly small moves can add up. For example, you might be surprised at how much you can save by turning your thermostat down just one degree. Try these additional tips to see how much energy you can save:

  • Move furniture away from vents
  • Open curtains to let in the warmth of the sun
  • Seal in the sun’s heat at night with thermal curtains
  • Unplug small appliances and electronics when not in use (power strips simplify the process)

Dignified Heating & Cooling can help with HVAC tune-ups, maintenance plans, repairs, and installation. If you’re in the Lake Geneva area, contact us today for all of your heating and cooling needs. We also provide boiler/hydronic, indoor air quality, ductless system, and hybrid heat services.

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