You probably work hard to keep your home clean and presentable. What you can’t see is what’s collected in your ductwork. What collects in the ducts can have a negative impact on how comfortable you are in your home.

How Do Ducts Get Dirty?

All the air in your home circulates through your ductwork. Over time, your home’s ducts collect dirt, dust, pet hairs and other airborne debris. While your central heating and cooling system does have a filter, some particles are able to sneak through. Debris can also get in through holes and misalignments in your ductwork.

Dignified Heating & Cooling of Lake Geneva, WI, cleans ducts. We have multiple indoor air quality solutions.

Impact of Dirty Ducts

Indoor air pollution is a serious problem. Dirty air ducts are one of the main reasons that the average home’s air is less clean than outdoor air. This results in contaminated indoor air and reduced comfort.

Allergic Reactions

Dirty ducts can result in aggravated allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems. Pollen, pet dander, dust mites, mold and other allergens can be found in ducts. This can result in people having sore throats, coughs and other health issues.

Reduced Air Flow

Debris can build up enough in your ducts to the point that it reduces airflow. This makes your home less comfortable as you need air flowing through your home to disperse warm or cool air. It might even result in a blocked duct, which can mean entire rooms aren’t receiving conditioned air.

Skin Irritation

You might notice that your skin has been drier than it usually is. It could also be itchy or otherwise uncomfortable. One of the causes of this is airborne debris that is coming out of your dirty ducts.

Dignified Heating & Cooling can improve your home’s indoor air quality. We also repair, maintain and replace heating and cooling systems. This includes hydronic boilers, which are an effective way to heat your home. Please call us today to schedule an appointment.

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