When the subarctic temperatures of Wisconsin begin to descend upon your Lake Geneva home, having a reliable source of heat is important. Both gas furnaces and fireplaces are effective at warming up the inside of your home. However, if you’re in search of the most efficient and effective method of heating your home, there are a few things to think about.

Consider Fuel Efficiency

It’s easy to check the amount of gas that your furnace and fireplace use over the course of an hour while they operate. Simply check the BTU consumption rating for your furnace or fireplace and you will get an idea of how much gas these two pieces of equipment are burning off in an effort to keep your home warm.

It’s nearly impossible to get a precise calculation on energy efficiency, though. When your furnace burns gas, it creates heat, but that heat has to travel through ducts before it reaches various areas of your home. Fireplaces, on the other hand, burn gas and all of the heat comes spilling out into your room. In general, gas fireplaces tend to burn less gas and more efficiently heat a space, but their power and reach are limited.

What Are Your Exact Heating Needs?

The other important question you have to ask yourself before selecting a method to heat your home is “what am I trying to accomplish?” If you want to provide a warm, even temperature throughout your entire home, your furnace is the obvious choice. But, if you’re looking to heat small, localized areas of the home, a fireplace is perfect for that purpose.

Need Service for a Furnace?

Whichever method of heating you go with, it’s important to closely inspect your equipment to make sure it is operating safely. Any component that involves gas should be handled with great care.

The professionals at Dignified Heating & Cooling are available to provide service for your furnace and heating system. This includes everything from emergency repairs to annual maintenance and tune-ups. We also provide a full range of cooling and indoor air quality services. Connect with our team right now to set up an appointment.

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