Homeowners face many choices when trying to decide on property upgrades. When an old furnace needs to go, think carefully about the replacement you wish to buy. Furnaces come in two forms: electric or gas. There are significant differences between the two, so carefully examine the differences to make the right choice.

Checking on the Costs

Due to their design, electric furnaces come with much cheaper purchasing and installation costs. Powering up the furnace and keeping it running, however, proves far more expensive. The monthly utility bills on an electric heater would be a lot more than a more efficient gas furnace running in cold temperatures. That said, gas furnaces require far more maintenance than an electric model. Ultimately, both gas and electric furnaces have their costly and inexpensive features. Dignified Heating & Cooling has been handling furnace installation, routine maintenance, and other work for quite some time. Homeowners living in or near Lake Geneva can ask about related services.

The Furnace to Match the Temperature

Purchasing prices and other related expenses, however, shouldn’t necessarily be the main factors in decisions to buy either a gas versus electric furnace. Homeowners must look at the realities about what to expect during the winter. An electric furnace is often best for regions where the temperatures are mostly mild. People living in areas where temperatures drop to frigid levels will probably need a gas furnace.

Safety, Security, and Gas

With a gas furnace, there come additional safety concerns with the unit. Gas combusts and creates carbon monoxide. Installing a carbon monoxide detector makes sense due to the potential for a week. The open flames from the furnace also present a fire risk if something ever goes wrong. Take this as another reason why it is essential to stay on top of furnace maintenance.

Do you need any heating or cooling service or wish to address issues with indoor air quality? We can take care of those services for you, too. Call the office at Dignified Heating & Cooling to set up an appointment and review an estimate.

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