High Humidity in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

When the temperature rises, many times, it feels like the humidity does too. It can be difficult to keep your home consistently cool when the humidity is high, and you might wonder if the high humidity is even affecting your air conditioner’s ability to function properly. So if you’re wondering if humidity affects an air conditioner, let us tell you that it does, and we can tell you exactly why you’re not getting the results from your air conditioner that you want.

The Air Conditioner Will Work Overtime

When there’s high humidity, the air conditioning unit has to strain to keep up, which means that the cooling throughout the home isn’t always even. The air conditioner has to push so hard because it has to pull more water out of the air, which is hard on the unit.

Mold Can Grow

When there’s extra moisture in the air, mold can grow in a wide variety of places, including the air conditioner and the duct system. As air passes through the air conditioning system, dust, pollen, pet dander, and dead skin cells collect. And when moisture is trapped in the ductwork and air conditioner, there are the perfect conditions for mold spores to thrive.

The Excess Moisture Collects in a Pan

You might need to be more aware of the pan that collects the moisture as it goes through the condenser coil, which pulls some of the moisture and heat out of the air. Because there’s so much more moisture to pull out of the air when it’s humid, it’s also more likely that the pan could overflow, which could damage the AC unit.

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