Although many people consider all heating equipment the same, there is a distinct difference between a boiler and a furnace. Knowing which one you have is always beneficial when contacting a professional to handle a problem. Here are the differences:


A furnace is the heating unit you will find in a forced air system. The hot air is blown through ducts, then released through vents in your home. Furnaces use filters that catch dust and other air impurities. These filters are either replaceable once a month or reusable and just need to be cleaned.


A boiler is a hot water system that pumps hot water through pipes to heat a radiator, or in some cases, the baseboards. The water is recirculated to start the cycle again. If you have a steam system, the boiler will turn the hot water to steam that rises through the pipes to the radiator. With boiler systems, the unit usually has a damper, which must be closed. If a steam system is being used, a low water level can cause a problem.

Call in the Heating System Professionals

With any heating system, proper maintenance is critical. Using a professional team like Dignified Heating & Cooling will keep your systems running throughout the year. Servicing Lake Geneva and the surrounding areas, they are experts at heating installation and repair, cooling systems, and indoor quality tests and recommendations.

If you are having trouble with your heating systems and need assistance in determining the problem with your furnace or boiler, give our team a call! Taking care of any issues before they turn into more significant concerns is always the best course of action to ensure your system is working when you need it.

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