Most experts recommend that a furnace should have preventative maintenance checks two to three times a year. Residential units should be checked before you turn your furnace on each year, and before you turn your air conditioning each year. Preventative maintenance keeps your furnace running properly to produce the proper amount of heat and lower the energy usage. If your furnace is running properly without any problems, it will be more energy efficient. Energy efficiency saves you money, and at the same time, reduces your carbon footprint.

What Happens During a Preventative Maintenance Check?

A good technician knows that it is better to do preventative maintenance than being called out for a repair. Preventative maintenance can save you a lot of money in the long run. In general, your technician will check the following when they come out:

  • Check air filters and replace if dirty
  • Make sure heater is producing air and sending it through vents
  • Look at electronics to make sure they are working properly
  • Open up the humidifier to check its operation
  • Look for electrical wires or parts that are damaged or broken

Saving Money with Preventative Maintenance

While it may seem that a preventative maintenance check doesn’t involve much work, it can often save you a lot of money by catching problems early. Your technician can often see partially broken parts before they cause a really big problem. Replacing a small part is a lot cheaper than buying a new furnace. Even just keeping up with filter replacement lengthens the life of your furnace because it can filter the air more efficiently. Of course, if you hear an odd noise or are suspicious of a problem, you should let your technician know right away. If you want to schedule a preventative maintenance check for your furnace, contact Dignified Heating & Cooling in Geneva, Wisconsin.

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