When you buy a new home, you probably think of doing the obvious things first: unpacking your things, setting up utilities, and resting your feet after a job well done. What you may not realize is that checking your AC should be one of the first things you do as new homeowners. After all, it’s your cooling system that’s going to keep you comfortable during summertime in Lake Geneva! 

The technicians from Dignified Heating & Cooling recommend running through the following new home AC checklist: 

1. Check How Old the AC Is

Air conditioners don’t last forever, although we’d love it if they did. Most ACs have around 10–15 years of life in them before they need to be replaced. You should check the age of your new home’s AC so you can estimate how much time you have left before you’ll need to buy a new one. Plus, an AC near the end of its life can breakdown suddenly, leaving you stranded in hot weather!

2. Find out the Unit’s SEER Rating

Your AC’s SEER rating tells you how energy efficient the unit is. Energy efficiency measures how much electricity your AC consumes to keep your home at the desired temperature. Inefficient units consume a lot more energy, which you’ll notice when your monthly bill comes. Check the unit’s SEER rating so you have an idea of how energy efficient it is. Here’s a tip: a higher number is better! 

3. Look Over the Maintenance Report

Regular maintenance extends the lifespan of your AC and keeps it running with minimal repairs. Each time the AC receives maintenance, the HVAC company will create a maintenance report documenting what they did for the unit. Take a look at the reports to see how well the previous homeowners cared for the AC. 

Reliable AC Service in Lake Geneva

When you buy a new home, be sure to run through the items on the list to gauge the health of your AC. And for all of your cooling needs, including maintenance, repair, and replacement, you can rely on Dignified Heating & Cooling. We can also assist with your boiler or hydronic system and indoor air quality. We’ve delivered top-notch heating and cooling services to residents of Lake Geneva for years. Call us today! 

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