5 Summer Prep Tips For AC

Any given AC unit is likely to experience periods of heavier and lighter usage, depending entirely upon the season. As we in Lake Geneva know better than most, the summer months can take a tremendous toll on even the highest quality air conditioning units. On particularly hot days, a cooling system can find itself running for upwards of ten hours, often uninterrupted. For that reason, there is no better time to schedule your AC maintenance with Dignified Heating & Cooling than just prior to the summertime highs making their appearance.

With a long track record of providing excellent AC repair and AC maintenance throughout the Lake Geneva area, Dignified Heating & Cooling technicians are happy to provide you with insightful air conditioning service consultation. Specifically, our HVAC professionals can ready your air conditioning unit for periods of sustained usage while providing tips (see below) to prepare you for the hot summer months.

Sunlight passing through unshielded windows and doorways is certain to raise your home’s interior temperature. Keeping such passageways blocked with curtains or other means of insulation will allow you to reliably maintain a cooler home environment. This will in turn place less of the cooling responsibility upon your air conditioning unit. A knowledgeable Dignified Heating & Cooling technician will recognize the need for additional sun-shielding, if the need exists at all.

Condensation Lines
An AC unit will accumulate a good deal of condensation in a given period of usage. This moisture is deposited by evaporation coils and must be directed away from the cooling mechanism itself. Too much moisture accumulation can compromise the functionality of your air conditioning unit. Your Dignified Heating & Cooling technician will clear the condensation lines, thereby allowing for the escape of excess condensation.

AC Filter
Filters are the unsung heroes of the HVAC space. As a safeguard against dirt, dust, and other forms of debris reaching the AC unit, a filter will capture all manner of air pollutants over the course of a few months’ time. Make certain you are swapping these out frequently.

Oscillating Fans
Though not a viable replacement for a strong air conditioning unit, having a few fans in the AC arsenal is nevertheless advisable during the Lake Geneva summer season. They will create circulation of air while contributing to a cooler overall temperature. No Dignified Heating & Cooling technician will fault you for keeping one or two floor/ceiling fans on the payroll.

Consider Upgrading
Cooling system technology has come a long way since its earliest days, and there are improvements yet to be realized. If you are worried your own AC unit has become dated or is simply not producing on par with your expectation, you might consider shopping for a current model. Improved efficiency will lower your monthly bill, to be sure, which might help justify the expense.

If you need an AC repair, installation, or maintenance in the Lake Geneva area, contact us today! We are always focused on keeping you cool and comfortable.