As a homeowner, do you ever think about your indoor air quality and the effects it can have on your family? If you live in a poorly ventilated home, you may experience a lot of problems from the poor indoor air. Poor indoor air quality can trigger illnesses, enhance allergy symptoms and even spread contaminants which will affect your health. Here are the top five benefits of indoor air quality:

1. Better Breathing
Provided that your indoor air quality is excellent, the amount of air that your body receives during each breath is higher and has fewer pollutants. These factors make it easy for you and your family to breath, which puts less strain on your heart, lungs and body. Fewer air contaminants and easy breathing make you feel more energetic hence less respiratory problems.

2. Reduces Allergies
Most respiratory disease-causing allergens such as pollen, spores and grass are usually found outside our homes. However, you need to know that many indoor allergens such as mold, dust, and dander also cause allergy problems. When your house duct system is not adequately cleaned, these allergens recirculate and continuously build up throughout your home making it difficult for allergy victims to avoid a reaction.

3. Improves Moisture Control
Proper moisture control prevents the growth and emergence of bacteria and mold which increases comfort levels. Air that is too dry may cause nosebleeds and skin irritations, while indoor air that is too moist may cause damage and stuffiness to home structures and furnishings.

4. Reduced Energy Costs
When proper steps are taken to manage and improve indoor air quality, there is less strain on your home’s air and heat conditioning units since they do not strain during cooling and heating of air. This means that less energy is consumed and the systems are likely to last longer which saves you a lot of money on your energy bills.

5. Better Sleep
Your breathing rate typically changes throughout the sleep cycle, so the quality of air in your home is crucial during sleeping time. Pollutants in the air and less oxygen percentage may interrupt your sleep cycle which is risky. Good indoor air will help you to prevent sleep-related breathing issues.

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