FurnaceToday’s energy bills are skyrocketing. It seems every time you open your energy bill, there’s a rate increase or a new surcharge to be added. You can save a bundle on your home’s energy costs if you simply increase your furnace efficiency. Here are three simple furnace efficiency tips you can put in place today.

1. Update Your Furnace

One of the first things you should do to increase your furnace efficiency is to update your furnace. The life of a furnace can be up to 20 years. However, there have been significant improvements in furnace efficiency in the last two decades. If you have an older furnace between 10 and 15 years old, it’s worth it to have it replaced with a new unit. First, a technician can run a test on your older furnace to analyze its efficiency. Next, the technician can recommend a suitable replacement unit that will meet your family’s needs. Finally, you may be entitled to government rebates on certain models when you opt for an Energy Star unit. Not only will you enjoy lower heating bills with a new furnace. You’ll also help ensure that your furnace won’t quit on you in the middle of a cold winter!

2. Maintain the Furnace You’ve Got

You can also increase your furnace efficiency by maintaining the furnace you’ve got. If your existing furnace is too young to replace, you can still maximize efficiency by ensuring it’s working at peak operating levels at all times. First, make sure to change the furnace filter once a month, especially in winter. Second, enlist the services of a qualified technician to perform routine maintenance services.

3. Consider a Hydronic Boiler System

When heat is distributed evenly in a room using a hydronic boiler system, you will find that you don’t need to raise your thermostat so high. This will drastically cut down on how hard your furnace works, make it work more efficiently, and considerably extend its life. A hydronic boiler system is also energy efficient and comforting to family members. In fact, your hydronic boiler system can even be used to melt snow or heat your swimming pool!

Heating & Cooling in Lake Geneva

When you implement these 3 furnace efficiency tips, you can look forward to many more years of consistent heating for you and your family. Contact us today for more information about furnace repair, maintenance, replacement or a hydronic boiler system.

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